Get Real

Me Myself and I - AW17/18


Social Media is influencing everyone, what would our world be like without this progress, the observation, self-censorship. A smartphone is a well integrated piece of our daily life.This collection Me Myself and I shows how social media is able to influence us. Anorexia, bullying and refugee crisis, all these elements are influencing us online. But at the end we are just focussing on ourselves. This collection illustrates that people are too focused on their own problems and that they should respect others and enjoy the life they are living. The fun print shirt illustrates this critical objects of social media. People should stop criticism themselves and rather look at more important problems which the world needs to handle.  The whole collection was created for an encouraged, strong and influential type of women. Situated between 18 - 30. Strong and cute colors in combination with structured material such as fake fur and fake leather create a strong look.