Carved in Stone - AW 16/17 


A Marble Stone which stands for elegance and excitement. This is the inspiration of my 4th Semester collection, which includes Men and Womenswear. Three women and three men outfits represent gender, strengths and confidence. Exciting and edgy Looks represent the new women and men where gender roles are completly smashed, but with that no one ever leaves the own comfort zone of the wearer. Men and women were carved in stone for such a long time, it was allways preinstructered what they should wear and what they should leave behind.


With this collection which is well known as „carved in stone“ I want to show the human beings that men and women can wear everything once they feel comfortable. Everybody can be wonderful such as a Stone, we should not stop us from might being judged by other people. The military layering Looks make everything comfortable and create the optortonity to dress perfect to every temperature and mind. The consumer of “carved in stone“ should represent the key words of this collection, therefore they should be convident and not afraid to leave gender roles behind.